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Monday, March 16, 2009

White Squirrels of Marionville

One of the minor mysteries of the Ozarks are the white squirrels that inhabit the town of Marionville in Lawrence County. No one seems to know exactly where they came from or when. One theory holds that they escaped from a traveling circus around the time of the Civil War, but some people scoff at such a notion.
I wrote an article about the furry albino creatures about 25 years ago, and judging from what I've been able to glean from the Internet, the situation with the Marionville squirrels is still about the same today as it was then. The rivalry between Marionville and Olney, Illinois, over which town has the most white squirrels and which one had them first still rages. One of the best places for viewing the white squirrels of Marionville apparently is still the grounds of the Methodist Manor, and morning and evening are still the best times to see them.
Another stronghold for the squirrels at the time I wrote my article was Lindeman's orchard at the edge of town. Apparently the squirrels were fond of apples, although I don't know whether they still hang out at the orchard or not. In fact, I'm not even sure Lindeman's orchard is still in operation, but I think it is. Maybe someone can clue me in. And if you haven't ever been to Marionville to see the white squirrels, they're worth a visit.



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