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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Barrow Gang at Alma

I have not posted anything on this blog for almost two weeks, partly because I took a trip to New Orleans and the panhandle of Florida and just got back recently. Passing through the edge of Alma, Arkansas, both coming and going, I was reminded of the fact that the Barrow gang killed the marshal of Alma in June of 1933. After the gang's infamous shootout with police in Joplin, Missouri, in April of 1933, the gang retired to Texas, where Bonnie was seriously injured in a car wreck in mid June. Retreating to Arkansas, the gang holed up in a cabin at Fort Smith. Clyde spent his time nursing Bonnie back to health, while W. D. Jones and Clyde's brother, Buck, began holding up businesses in the area when the gang started running low on funds.
After robbing a store at Fayetteville on June 23, the pair were on their way back to Fort Smith when they rounded a corner and rammed a slow-moving vehicle in front of them. When the Alma marshal happened along and stopped to investigate, the desperate duo opened fire, mortally wounding the lawman. Buck and W. D. then reunited with Bonnie and Clyde later that evening, and the gang promptly beat a path away from the land of opportunity.

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