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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quantrill's Buried Treasure

According to Ward Schrantz's Jasper County in the Civil War, Quantrill and his large band of guerrillas (estimated at nearly 400 men) camped on Spring River near present-day Oronogo on the night of October 5, 1863, on the property of Judge Onstott as they were headed south to Texas just six weeks or so after the Lawrence Massacre. One of the judge's sons, Abraham Onstott, who was just a boy at the time, later claimed that a couple of members of the guerrilla band buried some valuables at the site that had been taken during the Lawrence raid. Years later, after it was concluded that the the men who buried the treasure were never coming back for it, a search for the buried cache was made but it could not be located.
Stories similar to this seem to abound in the Ozarks (and probably elsewhere as well). For instance, I think I recall hearing about some money taken in a bank or train robbery that Jesse James supposedly buried somewhere. I don't place much stock in most of the lore of buried treasures, but reading or hearing about the stories is still interesting.
By the way, on the morning after Quantrill's band camped in Jasper County, they crossed Shoal Creek at Grand Falls and turned west into Kansas, where they came upon an encampment of Federals stationed at an incomplete fort at Baxter Springs. After being repelled at the fort, they rode out on the prairie and met General James Blunt and his escort coming from Fort Scott. Thinking the guerrillas (many of whom were clad in Federal blue) composed a party sent out to greet him, Blunt was surprised and virtually annihilated at what became known as the Baxter Springs Massacre.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The night was hot,the young boy was afraid and watched as his father dug,he remembers when the treasure was unearthed his father had to hit him to keep him quite,they both carried it in gunny sacks to a waiting 1948 chevy pick up and the last load they carried the iron pot it was in,the father threw his empty prince albert can into the hole,they had a blow out in a tire on the way home with the weight, this was just one of quantrails hoards,there are more,lots more,and if a person had the time he could find them,but a person has to eat and pay his way there,There are stone maps 4 of them that I know of.....Ken Morrison

December 1, 2011 at 5:32 AM  

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