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Monday, November 28, 2011

Bonnie and Clyde Again

One chapter of Ozarks Gunfights and Other Notorious Incidents was about Bonnie and Clyde's infamous shootout with police in Joplin that left two lawmen dead. I've devoted a chapter in Desperadoes of the Ozarks, followup to the Gunfights book, to the notorious duo's other misadventures throughout the Ozarks. For instance, in November of 1932, several months before the April 1933 Joplin shootout, the Barrow gang held up a bank at Oronogo, about 15 miles north of Joplin. In January of 1933, they kidnapped a Springfield motorcycle cop near the Shrine Mosque and took him on a pell-mell journey along the back roads of southwest Missouri before releasing him north of Joplin near present-day Stone's Corner. In February 1934, the gang stole a car in Springfield and took off to the south, roaring through Hurley and Galena, before kidnapping a local man (whom they later released) and having a gunfight with law officers near Reeds Spring. Less than two months later, in April of 1934, Bonnie and Clyde killed a lawman at the edge of the Ozarks near Commerce, Oklahoma. Another month later, the desperate duo were themselves finally killed by a police ambush in rural Louisiana.


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